Chorella, a seaweed that cleans your body

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Chlorella is a seaweed that helps to stimulate growth and cell regeneration, helping to strengthen the immune system, protecting against free radicals, on the other hand helps in the process of digestion and detoxifies our body.


It's a really small algae, we can not see if we do not help with a microscope, measuring just 6 thousandths of a millimeter. Each algae has the ability of being subdivided into four new home cells in 16 to 20 hours. Fortunately, there are natural elements that limit their proliferation, but in only 63 days would be the entire land area covered of chlorella. Through various studies have demonstrated its use in strengthening the immune system, accelerating the healing of wounds and ulcers, standardization in the digestive process.

Nearly 60% of the composition of this plant are proteins, containing 8 amino acids, which also contains significant amounts of vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin B1, B2, B6, pantothenic acid, folic acid, choline, inositol, vitamins E and K, and minerals among which we highlight the iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Chlorella is very suitable for deficiency states, anemia, overexertion or vegetarian diets, as it is a source of protein and amino acids much higher than soybeans or meat.


It also helps us to slow cellular aging, prevent cancer cell growth or reduce cholesterol levels by improving blood circulation, but above all, it helps us to eliminate toxic and cleanse the body. Today Japan has also become a major consumer of chlorella powder using even seasoning their dishes or preparing smoothies with antioxidants and purifying purposes, as this fight degenerative symptoms of stress.

Due to environmental pollution, food handling and drug intoxication, increase our body needs to cleansing cures and protection against toxics, and with chlorella we find a good partner for this purpose among its many properties. Of all the toxic agents that surround us, the most dangerous to our health are heavy metals such as aluminum, lead and mercury, which can cause serious injuries to the brain, nervous system, immune or endocrine systems. Heavy metals are stored in our body wich is unable to metabolize and eliminate them. For this we have to resort to very cleansing substances or a chelating agent (or chelator), as is the case of chlorella. The chelators get "catch" the metal to be removed easily after the urine and feces.

One of the best natural chelators is chlorophyll, why vegetarian diets offer greater protection to the body against toxins. Green tea, mate, alfalfa, garlic, soy (outbreaks), apples, peppers, spinach and broccoli are rich in chlorophyll food, but we can say that chlorella is the best detox supplement, and also is the vegetal with more amount of chlorophyll, followed by spirulina.


An investigation conducted by Dr. Frank gave birth the capacity of this plant to provide energy and well-being and that repairs and replaces cell nucleic acids.

It was also learned that the constant use of this algae slows the effects of aging and stimulates the strengthening of the immune system that helps us to fight against diseases. The immune system is what protects us against diseases of character deformatory or infectious. Only when this system is not right we contract infectious diseases. The chlorella usually have a very good stimulating effect on the immune system.

In a study with human beings in a group of about 1000 Japanese sailors (year 1971), in which about half of them were supplied with two grams daily. After three months at sea, It turned out that the sailors that they had not been treated had suffered 41% more colds than those who had undergone the treatment.

Currently this seaweed is widespread as a food supplement in the form of tablets, granules or liquid. In our eco-shop can be found by clicking here, chlorella powder tablets 100% organically grown, which means it is free of toxic residues of pesticides or fertilizers, and also free of genetic manipulation. All this implies that contains nutritional and medicinal properties intact and it results highly effective.


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